FALL 2021 ORC – Week 3 – Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

Hi Friends! Welcome to Week 3 of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge in partnership with Better Homes and Gardens. Phew! We are one week away from being at the half way point and there is still a lot of the done. Last week was a bit of a waiting game with electrical happening (and good news, there is going to be more because I need something moved but I will go into detail a bit later) but we are finally moving forward! This week, I am going to take you through some of my design choices, why I chose the layout I did, and some of the struggles I have had thus far.

Design Style

This has been a bit of a hot topic over on my instagram as when I mentioned I was going to install shiplap, a few people told me it was going out of style and I was just “aging” my design. Whether it is going out of style or not, I really love it as a simple wall accent. I will be putting behind all the shelves so although it won’t be a feature fall, it’ll give depth to the shelves rather than a flat wall in the back. My design taste has drastically changed in the last year and that may be because I am now out of my 20s and really realizing what style I love. And what style may that be? I am all for the traditional and modern farmhouse with a little industrial tossed in there. I may not be for everyone but my homes brings warmth and joy. I put a classic spin on my designs to ensure they are timeless and can be easily updated to suit anyones style in the future.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, my ultimate goal for my pantry is functionality. It is one of the spaces in our home that is used everyday but also finds a way to become a chaotic mess very quickly. In my design, I am losing some shelf space but I am gaining drawers and storage. These drawers will act as the “snack hub” for my children and keep their treats organized. The dog food will no longer sit in the middle of the floor but have its very own drawer . An appliance tower will remove our appliances from the floor where often times, they would get junk piled on top and we would choose not to use them in fear we would create an avalanche…true story.

Paint Palette

I *think* I have settled on some paint colours for this space. I will be using Evergreen Fog, Iron Ore and Alabaster all by Sherwin Williams. I was able to get a few peel-n-stick samples from Hello Paint which helped massively to choose the colours for this space while still keeping it bright yet moody. The stain I decided to got with was a white wash followed by Aged by Varathane.


Struggles oh struggles! When it comes to the cabinet builds, it’s a lot of waiting. I have the wood but unfortunately, for safety, can’t lift it myself so usually have small windows of time in the evenings away from the kids and able to get my husbands help to rip down pieces through the table saw. Other struggles were ensuring that my “screw-less” cabinet kept a smooth finish but every time I went to drill into the Maple covered particle board, the maple would tear out. luckily, I was able to hide those flaws (Saved the stories in a highlight on my instagram.). Things are moving a long now which has me excited because I love building!

The Plan Moving Forward

Here is my plan for this week and the rest of the challenge:

  • Finish building cabinet boxes and trim out – including staining any trim that needs to be stained
  • Start to build cabinet doors and drawers
  • Rip down shelving, stain, and install
  • Electrician will return to hook lighting and I will hopefully redo the pantry door by removing the glass and creating new trim work on it
  • Shiplap install behind shelving, Crown Moulding on appliance tower and feature cabinet, and Paint.
  • Counter top followed by Backsplash
  • Recipe book shelf and vacuum wall
  • Reveal!

There is still plenty to do so be sure to follow along on my instagram and subscribe to my blog to stay updated on the progress! Check out Week 1 for the original space and announcement as well as Week 2 where I showcase my mood board. Also be sure to take a look at all the other incredible featured designers doing a room this Fall by following the links below.

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Cheers to Week 3! Let’s Go!


jenna xoxo

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