A Step In The Right Direction – The Shop – Week 2 Spring 2022 ORC

I don’t know what but it always takes me be surprise that the One Room Challenge goes by quickly. As week 2 starts, so do tasks on my list that I hadn’t planned on tackling right at the start…but here we are.

Last week, I shared images of the shop where it started and where I left it last summer. This week, I am sharing the rough mood board of my plan for the cabinet wall and the stairs as well as some updates from this past week… So let’s get to it.

The Mood Board

Here she is in all her glory! Big plans for this garage to finish it off and only 8 short weeks to do!

This Week

Last Wednesday, I started off with “installing” some base cabinets for the cabinet wall. Eventually, I will build some drawers, doors, a counter, as well as some upper cabinets for more storage. I plan to move my Wall Control that I installed last summer and install faux brick panels to add texture to the wall.

Once I had those “installed”, I did a simple task. I seem to be all over the place with this project. I usually aim to get one thing done first but with the chaos still in the garage, the cold weather, and really, making a mess in the space to make it better. ( think sweeping only to cut more wood shortly after), It’s been tough to focus. I quickly added trim to the man door to the garage. I plan to add trim to the man door to the house but I will do that once the stairs are full complete.

Early this week, I ripped apart the old stairs to make room for newer, cleaner, and safer ones. For the last year, there have been no railings on the landing and with 3 little kids, that has not been the safest. I rebuilt the stringers to allow for the thinner stair tread and I added raisers to help give a cleaner look. I have never been a fan of open risers – too many things fall through or get lost in the void under the stairs.

What are the plans for week 2? Well, that’s a great question! With Easter weekend and Easter break for my kids, it’s going to be a wild week! I am aiming to get the stairs full complete ( Head over to my instagram to see it come together!) and then either get back to the cabinet build or add some storage to my workbench! Cheers to week 2!


jenna xoxo

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