Let’s Revisit An Old Friend…The Shop – Spring 2022 ORC

Well, It’s that time of year again…it’s One Room Challenge time! What is the ORC? The ORC is a community of designers, DIYers, woodworkers, and creatives, coming together to renovate a space in their homes in an 8-week time period. It’s a challenge that pushes the creative juices and encourages originality! This year, the One Room Challenge is celebrating 10 years of thousands of room remodels and friendships. 10 years of incredible transformations. I am so excited to be participating in my 4th ORC and this spring, I will be working on my…shop/garage!

Before I get to my plans for the garage, let’s revisit the previous 3 One Room Challenges starting with the first one completed during the Fall 2020 ORC…

The Laundry Room.

The second and one of the most challenging spaces I have every done…

The Retreat (Spring 2021 ORC)

And the final and most recent space I completed and was honoured to be selected as a Featured Designer in the Fall 2021 ORC event was…

The Pantry Project.

Now onto the garage/shop plans. Last summer, just before the Fall 2021 ORC, I took my garage from complete chaos to a bit more organized chaos. I installed a few wall systems, did epoxy floor, mudded, taped, and painted the interior to name a few things but I was only getting started.

This is where I left off and I can’t wait to show all that I have planned! It may look finished but there is a LOT to tackle in 8 short weeks! Next week, I’ll go over all my plans and give a mood board! So let’s go!


jenna xoxo

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