SPRING 2021 ORC – Week 6 – I’m “Beaming”

Ya’ll!! It was a great week! We are heading into Week 6 of the One Room Challenge and although there is still lots to do, there was major progress this week! Let’s start with where we ended last week. Last week, I finished painting all the built-ins minus the inside of the murphy bed (which I still need to do). That was a huge task and I am still working on a plan for the back of the shelves!

On Friday, I was able to build the no-sew bench cushion for the window bench! I have built these before in my living room but never to the scale! I chose to go with a black cushion after much debate. White would show every dog hair my dog has but black will show all the lint. I chose to avoid the hair! I have the full tutorial saved in my ORC highlights on my instagram page!

Next up were the beams. These took the longest this week as I was working with finished pine that I need to rough up to look aged and rustic to match my laundry room. From assembly to beating them with an axe and any tool I could find, it took me a full 3 days and re-injuring my shoulder to build all 5 but I think they turned out fantastic!

One last thing I was able to get started this week was the box moulding on the walls. I finished painting the walls with Extra White by Sherwin Williams and then started to apply the trim. I am super happy with the dimension it adds to the wall without being too much!

What is left to do with less than 2 weeks to go?

  • Finish and paint Box moulding
  • Crown Moulding around Cabinets and possibly around the room
  • Paint inside murphy bed and figure a wall behind there?
  • Build cabinet doors and drawer faces and handles
  • Figure out what to do behind the shelves in the built-ins
  • New light fixtures as well as wall sconces above window bench
  • And Lots of Staging! (This is where is gets difficult. With wood prices being so high, we only budgeted so much towards this project so we are going to have to get creative when it comes to “setting the space up for the reveal” and save some money by not buying new furniture! )

So let’s finish off strong! Be sure to check out all the other designs here as well as all the featured designers, here!



jenna xoxo

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