Slow But Steady…May Win The Race? – The Shop – Week 5 – Spring ORC 2022

This Garage! Like the title says, it’s going slow and steady. We are heading into Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and there is A LOT to get finished! I am still waiting on the remainder for the cabinets to be delivered so I can finish the cabinets wall, as well as waiting on my slat-wall system.

This week, I WAS able to get the counter fabricated and in place however, it still needs to be finished and protected for the heavy duty work it has in-line for it in the future. I was also able to make the rest of the drawers but I need to finish making the drawer faces so that is plan this week as well as the ling awaited mobile paint storage!

We are in crunch time now so hopefully products get here soon and we can get this wrapped up!

Cheers, Jenna

jenna xoxo

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