SPRING ORC 2021 – The Reveal – Welcome to the Retreat

Are you ready for it?! It is FINALLY reveal week for the One Room challenge and I am beyond excited to FINALLY show this entire space! I took an old playroom/spare room and transformed it into a space where friends and family can gather and rest. 8 weeks, 50 long and hard days, over 600 hours of time invested, and I can say I FINISHED!

This was my second time partaking in the ORC (Fall 2020 ORC LINKED HERE) and although it‘s time consuming and exhausting at times, it‘s unbelievably rewarding! Between getting a new room transformation and meeting so many other amazing accounts, the ORC is a challenge I believe everyone should try at least once! You can bet I‘ll be back again and will likely continue to take on rooms that are way over my head but I love it!

Okay, now for the reveal you all have been patiently waiting for for weeks, and honestly, so have I! Let‘s take a VERY quick down memory lane to show where we started! We started with an empty old playroom and had a big plan!

WEEK 1 – Window Bench

In Week 1, I started to “demo” the room which basically meant remove a few old rugs and take down the dreaded vinyl I seen to have everywhere in my house (my 20 year old self LOVED them!). I then had to remove baseboard along the window wall and west wall to prepare for the built-in.

First on my build plan was the window bench and cabinets. A window bench has always been on my bucket-list of things to have in my home so I was so excited to finally make that a reality. The cabinets would be used to store board games and puzzles as my pantry can‘t handle them any longer!

I will link WEEK 1 here so you can see how it all came together!

WEEK 2 – The Murphy Bed

This was BY FAR the project I was most intimidated by for this space. Never having built a Murphy bed, I knew this would challenge me in a number of ways and I was ready for it! I used hardware from Create-a-bed which also came with very THOROUGH instructions which made the entire build run very smoothly! You can visit that build, here!

WEEK 3 – More Built-ins!

This week was tough because I just couldn’t get the drawers to work on the window bench so I shifted gears and started working on the built-ins beside the murphy bed. I had to build more drawers for those but they surprisingly, gave me no hassle! Win!

WEEK 4 – Paint

9 hours of taping but it was so worth it! I ended up using my Graco Project painter Plus sprayer to apply all the prime as well as the cabinet paint.

WEEK 5 – Window Bench and Faux Beams

The drawers were still frustrating me on the window bench so I decided to build the seat for the bench. This was a one day project and after much debate, I settled with a black cushion. Next up were the faux beams which I build from scratch using finished pine. I had to beat the wood with an axe to give it that “aged” look but overall, I am happy with them!

WEEK 6 – Box Moulding, Slat feature behind Shelves, and Surprise wall behind Murphy Bed

Did box moulding for the first time ever and likely, not the last! I love it! I also graced myself with the task to paint nearly 300 slats for the back of the shelves. That was something else. THEN I did an accent wall which I am FINALLY revealing in this post! I love it!

WEEK 7 – Finishing – Drawers, Lights, Art/decor and furniture

We FINALLY got all the drawers set and in place! Yes for Small victories! Then it was onto all the finishing work including attaching handles, paint touch ups, crown moulding, and wall sconces.

Wood prices shocked us this year so we weren’t able to get furniture HOWEVER, last minute, a company Brock and I have supported for years, stepped up to the plate and staged the space for us and we are so thankful because it really adds a touch of cozy…but enough of what was…its time for…..

WEEK 8 – The Reveal!

This is seriously my favourite space in my home now! It is cozy, inviting and everything I imagined it would be! So, what is your favourite part? I’d love to know in the comments! And if you love it, feel free to share it on social media and don’t forget to tag me @Fromhousetohomeig.

The Details:


  • Extra White by Sherwin Williams (Satin Finish) – Wall and Box Moulding
  • Snowbound by Sherwin Williams (Satin Finish) – Built-ins
  • Iron Ore by Sherwin Willaims (Flat Finish) – Slats and Murphy Bed feature wall

FURNITURE – International Furniture Wholesalers


  • “Bewilder” – Artwork by Jessica C. Nugent provided by Minted
  • “Italy” – Photograph by Me (2012)



  • HomeSense
  • Marshalls
  • Walmart
  • Micheals


  • Home Depot Canada
  • Kalawood Industries
  • Formations (Local to Saskatoon)


I am so honoured to again participate in the One Room Challenge and I look forward to all the other reveals! You can see all the Featured Designer’s reveals here and all other reveals here!



jenna xoxo

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