I’m Jenna!

I’m transforming my house into a home, one DIY at a time!

I’m sharing the successes and failures of my journey, complete with all of the happy dances and tears along the way. My hopes are that by watching a REAL person share their REAL LIFE experience, you will change your own mindset from “I can’t” to “I can!”, pick up some tools and get started on making your own house a home!

Canadian content creator

Jenna Rutherford


A little more about me…

My husband and I renovated our first home in 2012 from top to bottom. In 2015, when we built again, we purposely kept everything as builder-grade (read budget-friendly) as possible. Now, I’m tackling each room, one by one in an attempt to help make our house feel like a home for the very first time.

I was a professional photographer for 11 years before putting down the camera lenses in 2016 to be a full-time mom.

I have always had a passion for woodworking and creating.

Meet Mylo – the world’s hungriest intern but the guy that’s always got my back behind the scenes.

Making my house a home

What does it really mean?

Personally, I have never given any of the places we have lived a personal touch or a “homey” feel. My reasoning was that in a few years, we would just pack up and build again so I felt like I could never really settle. Now, after 5 years in our house, I have decided it is time to really make this home. Although we may not be here forever, I am making it a place that my kids can feel cozy in, where they will want to bring their friends someday, that will feel like much more than only a roof and walls.

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