Can You “Handle” This Simple Upgrade?

How is it just a week and a half left before Christmas? Have you finished all your shopping yet? I love the holidays but they are so busy and it’s tough being able to focus on big projects right now. HOWEVER, I wanted to do a simple update in my home and it’s a fairly easy one! Want to know what it is?


Have you ever changed out a handle? Does it seem like a big job or hard job? To be honest, I thought it was so never tried. HOWEVER, handles are one of the easiest things you can switch out in your home to make a big impact. Previously, our home had all round, brushed nickel level handles and although nothing is wrong with them, my style and design tastes have changed in the past year.

Head over to my instagram to see how to install there handles (including what mistakes to avoid…Don’t worry, I made them for you so you don’t have to HA)

I love how they upgraded my home and rooms quickly and easily. They are more modern and sleek and are more universal than the last ones. I am so please with them and the quality (seriously, my husband keeps contacting how much he loves them because they are so smooth and open effortlessly).

Handle Style: Vida (Square) in Matte Black by Delaney Hardware



jenna xoxo

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