FALL 2021 ORC – Week 4 – What The Hue?!?!

Oh Hey! If you are new here, Welcome! I‘m Jenna, a DIY blogger and content creator on various platforms online. But what is the ORC and why do I keep posting about it? The ORC, aka, The One Room Challenge, is a “widely anticipated biannual event every spring and fall. Each round, twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge, as Featured Designers, and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over 8 weeks. In addition, guest participants are encouraged to complete a space of their own! Over 5400 rooms have been transformed!”

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let‘s go over how this past week went! We are in week 4 which officially marks the half way point! How did we get here? Head on back to my previous posts to see where we started ( Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).


Unfortunately, it was another slow week for progress due to sick kids but that‘s okay! DIY wouldn‘t be DIY without some hiccups along the way! Remember to never push yourself to exhaustion and always put family first.

I was able to get all the cabinets installed, including the appliance tower which we had to “pivot” to get in the door. If you want some relax entertainment, head over to my Instagram highlights to watch that all go down. I also began making the floating shelf supports. These are a bit tricky because they have to be fairly thin to keep the shelf face at 2 inches. I am working on making them stronger so they are able to support the weight of everyday pantry items. I will be putting 1/2 in maple plywood on the tops and bottoms of the shelf later next week.


So white should be a fairly easy colour to chose but I have been struggling to find the right HUE. Currently, I am between these three for the shiplap colour behind the shelves:

  • Snowbound by Sherwin Williams – this is a colour I have used multiple times in my home. I love the warmth of it without giving off yellow tones.
  • Alabaster by Sherwin Williams – this is a very creamy white and I have always wanted to use it but was worried it may pull a little beige or yellow.
  • Extra White by Sherwin Williams – this is the colour I used for my front room, The Retreat, on the walls. It is a very bright white and I am not sure if it‘ll be too much.

The other Colours I have decided on are Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams and Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams. I am most excited for Evergreen Fog as I will be painting the door this week in that tone and adding the Vida Hardware I received from Delaney Hardware earlier this month. I will be replacing all the door handles in my home with the VIDA Square collection. What I love about it is it‘s modern with a touch of the farmhouse feel I have as a theme throughout my home. Currently, the handles have a round backing whereas the new ones will have a square one and it‘s going to make a visual impact throughout our home.

Another thing to consider with the choice of the white are the black Jasper Pulls provided by Emtek. The drawer faces will be white on the north side of the room and stained on the east side where the feature cabinets are located. They are sleek and modern and totally my taste. If you recall my master bedroom renovation and most recently my SPRING ORC, I installed handles very similar. I love the simplicity of them yet they give off a bold appearance. All my hardware for this ORC are black and I love the contrast they will be giving to the space. I can‘t wait to get the drawers finished so I can show these beautiful handles off!


That screw length matters when screwing shelves/cabinets/picture/etc into any wall? I actually didn‘t know this up until earlier this year but if you use a screw that is TOO long for the job, you might hit electrical or plumbing behind walls? Most electrical is drilled through studs at 1.5 in deep. If you use a 3in screw on a piece that‘s 1/2in and go through 1/2 drywall, you have 2 inches left for that screw to go into the stud. That would mean, if you lined up perfectly where a wire was running, you could hit it which could cause major problems including potential electrocution. I use to use longer screws to be safe but after I learnt this, I am always sure my screw length is not going past that depth or making sure there are no wires close to where I am putting the screw in. ANOTHER thing I learnt this week is my stud finder picks up duct work (but says it‘s a stud). So just be mindful overall, what is behind your walls and that you are actually hitting studs and not ducting, plumbing, or electrical!

Cheers to week 4 and I love seeing the progress from all the featured designers as well as the many guest participants this season! Don‘t forget to head over to this seasons Features Designer‘s blogs to check out what they are up to week 4 of the One Room Challenge!

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