DIY Farmhouse Bed Frame

A few months ago, I was looking through a furniture store and falling in love with so many bed frames. When my two oldest children were younger, we bought them ‘big girl‘ beds to last them hopefully till they move out so we were hoping to finally get rid of the convertible crib for our youngest who just turned 3.

Unfortunately, there were none I could find that screamed farmhouse without being too much farmhouse. So I began looking online and I was shocked at the prices. I found one I loved but it had a price tag of $2100! I then began looking at Pinterest and seeing if I could find a tutorial to go off of. There were a few but again, no exactly what I wanted. I will share those ones below as my final design was fairly close to their plans and I don‘t currently have a program to design plans!

I think my dupe came out pretty good and it‘s was $205! I did have the stain on hand so add about $15 to that total if it‘s something you don‘t have. My daughter is in love with her new bed and stronger than what a store would have sold me! So what do you think? Will you try this build?

Here is a great plan that explains how a bed similar to the one I made, is made! I wish I could have a full tutorial and hopefully in a few months!

Ana White – Queen of furniture tutorials


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