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Custom Closet For Under $500

You may not have seen too many projects this year from me and that’s because it has been a slow start. I have had a hard time finalizing projects and then starting them HOWEVER, I finally did my first custom build this year and I am excited to share. It was a huge one BUT it creates a more functional space for my daughter and you know I love functional spaces. This is a great beginner project if you want to start small and not make an entire custom cabinet build.

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I didn’t get a full “before” shot of this closet as I was trying to make sure the new dresser would fit. Originally, her closet had a organizer that attached to the rod. It had 4 hanging sections and the middle section has 2 adjustable shelves. Those shelves held two 12×12 bins that housed her socks and pants and honestly, as she grew, her clothes did too and didn’t fit as well so it was time to upgrade get her a dresser to store her clothing and make her closet a bit more functional for her.

You can also see from the photo below that the top shelf is a MESS! I have been putting extra bedding up there, hand-me-down clothes from her sisters, and some keep-sake items from when all the girls were MUCH smaller.


As mentioned above, I wanted to give her a space that had more function and proper storage. Originally, I had planned to have multiple shelves in the middle section but later decided to only have one because of the height I was working with. I also wanted to incorporate a dresser because previously, she had bins and that wasn’t working any longer.

Once I had it emptied, It was time to start “demoing” and getting ready for the dresser install. The cleats came off the wall fairly easily in which I used drywall compound to patch. I had to cut the baseboard as well to make sure the dresser sits flat with the wall.

I wanted to add some depth to the closet with wall paper. I found this gorgeous pattern at my local Home Depot and instantly fell in love and knew it needed to be in the closet. I have worked with a few peel and stick brands bit never Wallpops (Link Below) so I was excited to see how this brand compared to my favourite – RoomMates. I will say this, if I didn’t know it was a different brand, I wouldn’t have known the difference.


I am absolutely ECSTATIC with how this closet turned out! I have another one to do this year in my oldest daughter’s closets but I do think it’ll give me some hassle (stayed tuned to see why… it was a “measure twice, buy once” moment but I think I can make it work!). I absolutely love the pattern the wallpaper behind the wood shelves. and just all the tones! Did you see the little Dino Emersyn made sure to incorporate in this closet reveal?


  • IKEA 3-Drawer Malm Dresser in Oak – $159 CAD
  • 1- 4ft x 8ft x 5/8in White Oak Plywood – $110.50 CAD
  • 3 Rolls – Gray Breezy by WallPops – $97 CAD
  • 4 – 1/4in x 1 1/4in x 4ft Oak Hobby board – $ 18 CAD
  • Closet Rod and 3 Mounting Sets – $33 CAD
  • *2 Rolls – Oak Peel-n-Stick Vinyl – $31 CAD
  • Mirror – $29 CAD
  • Various Finishing Products (on-hand: Top Coat, Caulk, screws, brad nails, wood glue) – $20 CAD

Total: $497.50 CAD

*Affiliate Links

Be sure to head to my INSTAGRAM to see the full closet Reno in my highlights! Happy Building!

jenna xoxo

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  1. I’m so glad I just “discovered” you! This is exactly what I want for my daughter’s closet. Thank you!

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