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Let’s Make An Entrance

*This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission off items purchased from links I share, at no additional costs to you! This post also included paint sponsorships. Brands will sometimes supply and/or pay for me to promote their product/brand. HOWEVER, all opinions are mine and have not been altered to favour a particular product or brand.*

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Four Months ago, I started my Entry. Why did it take me four months? Well, the entry project also included out entire main floor (due to joining walls) and upstairs common area – a total of 1800 square feet – my LARGEST single project to date. To say the least, It was intimidating. I wanted an entry that was inviting but still felt grand – it has 18ft ceilings – but to also keep a consistent feeling throughout my home as it connects multiplies floors. What do I have planned? Let’s break it down:

Entry Project Hit List

  1. Paint front door
  2. Faux beams
  3. Console table
  4. Cabinets and Slat Wall
  5. Custom handles (Wasn’t originally on the list but couldn’t find any I loved!)
  6. Panel mounlding & paint
  7. New Lights

Front Door

Cost Of Door Upgrade:

  • Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams – $98
  • Weather Stripping – $24
  • Handle – $149
  • Total: $271

Faux Beams

We had these bulk heads A.K.A Engineered beams in our hallways and they have bothered me for a long time. Funny story about them, they actually were never suppose to be there and visible BUT when we were in the framing stage of our home, I noticed something strange. Our stairs didn’t look wide enough. My husband rolled his eyes and said that anytime I go into a build, I say it looks smaller than planned. Well. I had him measure it just to be sure and low-and-behold, the stairs were a foot too small…A.K.A not wide enough. This forced us to put in additional beam to support the upstairs and move the stair opening to the basement to the living room side. REGARDLESS, we got it fix but it left drywalled beams. I decided to basically laminate the beams with birch plywood. You can see the whole process here.

Cost of Beam Upgrade:

  • 1 – 5ft x 5ft Sheet of Birch Plywood -$60
  • Stain – Weather Wood by Sansin – Leftover (no additional cost to project)
  • Total: $60

Console Table

I had seen all over instagram and Pinterest, other creators building this modern, stream-lined entry tables but with 2x4s. I loved the look but wanted mine to be “chunky” and really make a statement in our large entry. This was one of the easier builds of this entry project.

This was a really simple build. I used 8 2x6x10s for this build. I did cut all the 45s prior to assembly to avoid trying to cut a thicker piece. The top is 55in at its longest point and the legs are 31in. I then laminated them together with glue and clamps. Once those were set, I simply “assembled” it with screws. I will be honest, I have yet to completely finish this table – I never finished sanding it smooth OR put a finish on it. I haven’t decided how I want it finished, hence why I have left it.

Cost of Console Table:

  • 8 x 2x6x10 – $112 (Sponsored by Kobalt Tools)

Feature Wall/Built-ins

Now, to the BIG (or one of two) project of this entry remodel – this wall. As you may have seen above, this wall was a catch-all of our lives – from cardboard that needed to go out, donations to be made, and everything in-between, something needed to be done with it. It was a mess and when guests came over, they were immediately greeted with this clutter. I wanted something that allowed us storage but also made a statement as guests enter our home. I wanted something warm and modern.

I added a neat accent wall, one I hadn’t seen before and that was a wood-on-wood slat wall which give slight contract but incredible depth. I ended up using a door stop trim and 1/4 birch plywood for the backboard. The Cabinet doors were provided by The Cabinet Store. I was super impressed by the quality and turn-around after ordering!

Feature Wall/Built-in Cost

  • Hemsfir Door Stop – $2.08/foot = $632
  • 2 – 4×8 sheets Birch Plywood – $130
  • 5 – 4×8 Sheets Maple Plywood – $476
  • 12 – 5/4 x 5/8 x 8 Maple – $254
  • Paint – $90
  • Hardware – $85
  • Stain – $16
  • .5 x 2.5 Trim Board – $110
  • 2x6x8 (Base for cabinets) – $24
  • Cabinet Doors – $1120 (Sponsored by The Cabinet Door Store)
  • Total: $2817

Custom Handles

I actually had no intention to to build handles for this project but I just couldn’t find handles larger enough that would fit the scale of the doors OR that would be delivered on time to finish this project. I took left over Maple cuts from the cabinet trim and created this modern style handles and I am completely in love! I did rip them down so that were only an inch wide verses 5/4. I finish them off with a Watco Lacquer Finishing Spray. The large handles are 4ft long and the drawer pulls are 8in long, both with a 1in spacer.

Panel Moulding & Paint

*Sponsored By Metrie*

This was my one of my favourite parts of the project because I feel that any wall accent can really change the way a home or space feels and they are really easy to do. I went with the 7/16″ X 1-9/16″ PRIMED FINGERJOINT PINE PANEL MOULD – 1626487 by Metrie.

Panel Moulding is a wall accent I personally feel isn’t going anywhere for a long time. It is timeless and classic without being too much. In total, between the two floors, I made 76 boxes with a total of 618 Cuts (yes, I counted…this isn’t including the oopsie cuts either).

We did hire painters for this portion the project because of the 18ft ceilings in our entry AND the grey that was on the walls previously, takes about 3 coats to cover. I knew my limitations with this part of the project and what would take me a couples weeks to paint 1800 sq ft of wall, would take a team of painters a handful of days. They did an amazing job and if you are in the Saskatoon are, check out Pro Choice Painting for your next paint project.

Cost Of Panel Moulding and Paint

  • Panel Moulding (Supplied – unfortunately, total value unknown at this time) (Sponsored by Metrie)
  • Painters – $2900
  • Total: $2900+


*Sponsored by Quoizel Lighting*

There was one last piece to this project that I felt needed to be upgrade and match the new entry aesthetics and that was the light. Originally, there was a single 3ft x 3ft industrial style light hanging here but I wanted something with a little more character and depth. I called up my friend who is an electrician and asked if it was possible to add two extra lights to the entry to make a 3-piece hanging series. I partnered with Quoizel Lighting for this upgrade and we went with the Viewpoint. I love the look of this light AND it comes in a smaller and larger size!

Cost Of Lighting

  • Electrician – $500
  • Lights – $1700 ( Sponsored by Quoizel)
  • Light Bulbs – $70
  • Total – $2270

Total Cost of Project

This was a big project so the budget for this one was a bit bigger. I am very grateful I had some incredible brands to partner with on this project but here is the total with and without those partnerships!

Without Partnerships: Approx $18k.

With Partnerships: Approx. $5610

This was an incredible project to finish off my 2022 Season of projects. 2023 has a large list starting – including a few bathrooms. But first – a coffee table build! Come follow along on instagram to see how it turns out!


jenna xoxo

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