Out With The Old, In With The New – Deck/Pergola Reveal

Oh Hey! If you are new here, Hi, I’m Jenna. A DIYer from the great white north (Canada), transforming my house to a home, one DIY at a time. You’ll find budget friendly, and some a little less than budget friendly, DIYs here, small room transformations to large rooms, and a little, okay a lot, of fun! Excited to have you here with me in this journey.

Let’s get to it!


Why redo a perfectly good deck and pergola? In the last few years, we have had a lot of water issues and with that, the. supports have shifted causing the deck and pergola to not be level. Our deck also faces west so once the sun passes the peak of the house, it is tough to sit in the yard comfortably without becoming roasted marshmallows. As you can see in the images below, the deck has shifted so much that the stairs are no longer the proper rise and run. Another problem we have is the dinning room window can’t open fully due to the cross support being too low. We plan to raise it up a few inches to ensure that window can be opened incase of an emergency.


As always, I make sure to so sketch out my exact plan. I am a very visual person so every design starts with a sketch. This time, I even went as far as to try and learn sketch up and did a quick “Sketch” and to sweeten the plans further, a mood board.


This deck took two months from start to finish due to weather, and well, because I couldn’t safely do this project alone. if you’d like to watch the entire process, visit my INSTAGRAM to watch the “Deck”, “Deck 2”, and “Pergola Highlights.

Deck Dimensions:

Upper Deck: 19FT X 14FT

Lower Deck 15FT X 14.5FT

I am pleased to introduce you to, our New Deck!


This was a bit tricky to put a total cost on because the cost to us is far different than the cost NEW! We were able to re-use a majority of the wood. We did use Cedar for most of the deck so if you are wanting to save, treated wood will be the way to go.

  • 2-6x6x12 Treated = $130.44
  • 1-4x4x8 Treated = $18.44
  • 22-5/4x6x8 Cedar = $373.78
  • 3-5/4x6x16 Cedar = $102.21
  • 9-5/4x6x12 Cedar = $229.95
  • 1-2x4x8 Treated = $10.54
  • 2-2x4x10 Treated = $26.36
  • 6-5/4x6x14 Cedar = $400
  • Screw Piles = $ 95.97
  • Thompsons Deck Seal *Sponsored* = $150
  • Behr Stain = $55
  • 6-2x8x16 Treated = $300
  • Various Screws/nails = $50

Approx. Total: $1892.69

This was a project we saved for for 2 years. We knew it would require work after our yard and basement flooded a few years ago so we made sure to set aside the proper budget. Again, this cost is much lower that building a completely new deck and pergola from scratch. We also rented a drum sander to sand down the deck instead of replacing all the boards as they were still in excellent shape. Also, thanks to some sponsorships with this project (The deck sealer, Ruggable Rug, and Article furniture), our costs for finishing were less.

I always recommend pricing everything out for each project and have an extra 10-20% saved for additional expenses if they happen.


Next Project: Entryway! It’ll be a big one! Come follow along on Instagram!


jenna xoxo

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