SPRING 2021 ORC – Week 4 – Here Comes A Challenge

It‘s week 4 and we are half way through the ORC and when I say it‘s been full of ups and downs, I‘m far from lying. Unfortunately for me this week, the challenge could possibly be over. Let me explain.

I was able to get started on the builtins beside the Murphy bed. These builtins include drawers that will evidently filing cabinets for our paperwork as well as book shelves and bedding storage. Although I have been struggling to get the bench drawers to work, I figured I may as well try the cabinet drawers. After triple checking my numbers and building the boxes, they worked! Huge relief.

But here comes the bad news. As I was about to start getting the shelves built and everything trimmed out, I discovered a HUGE set back. Flooding. Tuesday morning, I woke up to our basement flooded…for the third time in 5 years. If you were following last June when our basement flooded the last time, all of your possessions from the basement that weren‘t damaged, were stored in the room I am currently working in as it is the only room we can store things in safety.

All this to say, I‘m pushing on day by day. I will continue to build and work on this room until I can‘t anymore – be that the end of the challenge or a few days. I will get this done.

While I continue to drive forward, be sure to check out all the other designers as well as the features designers participating this year. Click here to visit the one room challenge blog. Also, visit my instagram for progress and up-to-date status on the future of this project. Cheers!


jenna xoxo

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  1. I’m so sorry about your flooding problems! We had to re-grade our entire property two years ago for the same reason…what a huge pain and mess! 😔 We’ve also had several setbacks – from items we ordered weeks ago now being back-ordered to in-laws who decided to move up their visit from August to the final two weeks of the ORC! You’ve got this, though! 🙌 Your Murphy Bed looks amazing! What talent!!! 😍👏

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