FALL 2021 ORC – Let‘s Get A Little Moody

First thing… How are we already a week into the One Room Challenge?! What went down this week? What is the PLAN? Who inspired my plan? Let‘s recap and get to the good stuff!

As you may have seen in my previous blog post (if not, visit Week 1 HERE), this space was a mess. No organization and just pure chaos. To start things off, I had to empty the pantry which in turn, has made my kitchen feel like an episode of Hoarders. Not to mention, as a Canadian, our thanksgiving is this coming weekend so I guess I‘m going to have to pass the potatoes to someone else because there won‘t be space in my kitchen to make any big dinners for a while!

Beside that point, once all the items were removed, it was time for a little hammer time…that‘s right, DEMO. I‘d be lying if I said it wasn‘t one of my favourite parts of a project. Getting to break a space down to its original state is fun for me. I enjoy seeing it wide open with all the possibilities. While Demoing, I realized quickly that the pantry was poorly built. The supports weren‘t screwed onto the shelves, only parts of the shelves were painted AND with only one coat, and the previous contractor missed multiple studs but only used 3 wall anchors TOTAL between all 13 shelves and 34 wall brackets! YIKES! There is a bit of wall repair to get to but it‘s minimal….oh wait….

Friday, the electrician got started on wiring and unfortunately, had to make GIANT holes in the wall due to the pantry having one exterior wall and the other walls housed water lines and ducting… So big holes to fix now but that’s part of DIY. He will be adding a few outlets as well as some wires for a cool feature I am putting in. He will also be moving the recessed lights in the ceiling to ACTUALLY be centred within the room/walk-way into the pantry…not more shadowy shelves!

BUT now, onto the mood board…. Drumroll please!!!

Let‘s break this down:

  • Shiplap provided by Metrie – the shiplap will give the subtle dimension on the back walls. As for colour, that‘s undecided. Based on the mood board, what colour would you do?
  • Semi-flush mount light and *cool feature* provided by Kichler – the semi-flush light I am still on the fence with and will be until I get the main feature cabinet finished and see where the light hangs.
  • Drawer pulls provided by Emtek
  • A new door handle provided by Delaney – I have a plan for the door including new glass and some detail work but it also needed an upgraded handle that suits my style more!
  • 2×5 rug provided by Loloi Rugs. This pantry needed some warmth so why not add a mini runner to get it a bit more of a cozy/ warm feel.
  • Paint tray and supplies provided by Handy Products – if you have never used their product, I can‘t WAIT to show on Instagram all the cool features their products have!
  • Paint????… due to paint shortages and costs, I am going to try and use paint I have used previously. This isn‘t ideal and I may still run out and grab more paint in a colour I‘m excited to try but we will see!
  • Tile! This is another one I am undecided about. I love the dark glossy and matte black but maybe I should go lighter? what do you think?

Now, bear with me here. I WISH I knew how to use Sketch-up…but I know how to sketch…on old fashion paper… I took so many of the suggestions from my previous post on instagram and here is what I came up with!

3D “RENDERING” of the Pantry Project

OKAY, as you can tell, not the *best* but still gets my design across. I am an extremely visual person so I created this 3D version of my plan to get a rough idea. It will have a featured built-in as well as a dog food drawer and an appliance tower. Snacks for the kids will be more accessible (if they don’t devour them too fast because they can reach them) in the drawers. I plan to have nothing touching the floor and I have a good reason for this. The tile in the pantry runs out through our kitchen, to our entry, and to our bathroom. If we ever decide we want to change out the tiles, I don’t want to have to rip out the cabinets to get to the tile below it. We may eventually add toe kicks that act as a drawer but that’s further down the road.

A majority of my inspiration comes from my good friend, Noelle from JettSetFarmhouse, and her pantry. I love every detail from it. The wood and white tones and the overall brightness. Unfortunately, we don’t have a window in the pantry so mine might be a tad moodier but I’m excited to still give it character. I have also drawn inspiration from Chelsey Freng and Rachel Parcell.

What is in store for this week? Once the electrician is finished, I will be patching the wall, mudding and sanding and building the first set of built-ins! Buckle up because it’s about to get crazy! Remember to follow along with all the other featured designers to see what they are up to!

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  1. I’m super interested in the measurements on the pics but they are just out of the frame 🙁 any possibility you could give me the measurements you used (between shelves etc)?

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