SPRING 2021 ORC – Week 2 – Take A Seat

How has one week already passed in the One Room Challenge?! And can I just say, looking through all the projects, there are some incredible & talented designers/diyers out there! Be sure to check them out here!

Let‘s go over what I was able to accomplish this first week. First up, I started by demoing the room and prepping to build the window bench and build in cabinets and shelves. I had a lot of questions about what material I am using for the build and will share in this blog post. For the demo, I had to remove the wall vinyl and cut the baseboard where the built-ins were going. It was honestly a pretty simple demo as the room has been bare for a few months (other than a carpet and a piano).

Next up, I started to build the base for the bench. Our baseboard is 5.5in high so I wanted to ensure the base transitioned nicely so I made the base out of 2×6. I also had to re-run the heat duct as it would end up getting covered by the bench. I was able to have my husband (who is amazing and a plumber by trade) 90 then bent out the front of the bench.

The Bench was fairly simple to assemble. I dado‘d the sections that my centre boards were going and then used pocket holes to attach the side. For the dado‘d sections, I use wood glue and 2in Brad nails to secure. One the backside of the bench, I added a few supports to be able to attaché if securely to the wall.

The cabinets were a bit more awkward to build only because they had 3 edges and then I use supports on the top and back. I did not use full pieces because plywood is so dang expensive right now and simply, they didn‘t need them. The cross-supports would be strong enough to hold the counter and the back will be covered with backer-board anyway. I used my keep jig to create pocket holes on the bottom to be able to secure to the 2 sides of the cabinets.

Once that was all in place, I was able to install the uprights where I will be installing hollow wood shelves later this week. Next up will be the Murphy bed and trimming everything out. OH and also build drawers and attach doors…wooo there is a lot to do! See you next week! Cheers!


jenna xoxo

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