Drawers! Doors! Let’s Go! – The Shop – Week 4 – Spring ORC 2022

Half way through the One Room Challenge, with media partner Apartment Therapy, and the pressure is on now! I am amazed by the incredible talent as all the other projects begin to come together and inspire me to tackle more projects in the near future. But let’s get to this week’s “progress”.


The cabinet boxes I picked up from the hardware store did have a pre-made drawers HOWEVER, the only option was 7.5in or 15in depths and that was not going to work for me. So I made 5 drawers per cabinet – 3 at 3in deep, 2 at 8.5in deep, to allow for more storage options for smaller tools. I also picked up a black rubber drawer liner so the tools don’t move around when the drawer is opened and closed. I also discovered drawer slides that were half the price than the big box hardware stores sell them for so that was a major win AND they are soft closed!


This the first time I have ever done overlay cabinet doors. I actually find the math for inset much easier and I am sure there is an easier way to calculate overlay but it was a struggle. The cabinet material is melamine which isn’t the best but in a garage, it’ll work. I picked up melamine shelves because they were almost a 1/4 of the price as a full 4×8 sheet (paid $27 total for the shelves, the sheet would have been $96 which is insanity where I am). I ripped them down to the respective drawer face sizes after spending hours on the math (which I did mess up on because I forgot I needed to add the edge banding) and screwed them on.Currently, they are VERY snug with each other so I may take them off and take off a 1/16 and re-add the edge banding just to ensure the drawers close more smoothly.

This is where I have left off for the start of week 4. Week 4 and Week 5 I will be finishing the drawers in the second cabinet as well as getting a counter installed so I can begin to move the Wall Control pegboard around to better fit the wall! Little progress but progress is progress!



jenna xoxo

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