My Top 5 Favourite White Paint Colours

If you’re someone like me, you like neutral and bright. I have never been a person for bold wall colours and usually bring colour into a space with art or decor. When we built our home, grey was all the rage and, although I still love how neutral it can be, I have come to realize there are far too many “tones” in my home. What I mean by that is, everything is warm tone except our grey walls which are very cool. We are in the process of switching the paint to white in our home and I wanted to share my favourites.

  1. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace is a nice warm white and is also referred to as the “purest” of whites you can get on the market. You will hear almost all interior designers recommend it and say it’s the ideal white for any space. We have used it in our house behind our built-in shelves and benches in our living room as well as in our laundry room remodel. It pulls more yellow but its very subtle, again, just giving enough warmth to not feel like a cold white.

2. Snowbound by Sherwin Williams

This is a colour I have used multiple times in our home. Our entire basement is snowbound and recently I painted our closet and daughter’s room in snowbound. Although it is suppose to pull cooler tones and be more of a very light grey/off-white, I find this one also pulls warmer tones but it depends on wall. This is a great tone if you don’t want bright white!

3.Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

This is definitely the warmest white on my list but it is also a very popular one. I would say it is more “ivory”. I personally have not used this colour in my home but I have seen it used in many new builds.

4. Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Pure white is just that, pure white. This white definitely pulls more on the cooler side but it is perfect for closets or pantries. It is also a great option for trim.

5. White Dove by Benjamin Moore

Again, no personal experience in my own home with this one but it has been one on my radar for a while to use in our bathrooms. It is considered a warm white so it is perfect for pretty much any space!

There are so many great whites to choose from and it can be hard to know the right one! Always make sure to test them on multiple walls in your space as well as at different times of the day. I hope this helps! Let me know below if you’d like another top 5 colour! Cheers!


jenna xoxo

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  1. Could you share what material you used to do the zigzag accent wall design, what the dimensions of the material are (width and thickness), and whether you left the baseboard on the bottom of the wall? I’m really interested in attempting this!

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