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Hey! It has been some time now! I didn’t mean to leave you hanging but the last few months have been chaos to say the least. Summer FLEW by and there were a lot of big changes happening with the FHTH home including…. A SALE! That’s right, we sold our home! We have been back and forth all spring and summer and finally took the leap of faith. It came at a less than ideal time as days before we listed, I got the call for my hysterectomy surgery. Was this the sign to let it go and not sell the house and wait till I was healed or do we stick with the plan. Well, we stuck with it and boy, did it ever pay off! 36 hours after listing our home, it sold. IT SOLD! That would mean I could recover with out having to stage a home for the next few months. But where did that leave us? Well, this is where is get interesting!

WE BOUGHT LAND!! For many years, the hustle and bustle of city life had been our daily reality. But as time passed, the allure of wide-open spaces, fresh air, and the dream of building our ideal home on an acreage grew stronger. Finally, we made the life-changing decision to leave the city behind and embark on a journey to create our dream home in the countryside. The first step on our journey was finding the perfect acreage. We spent months scouring real estate listings, visiting properties, and dreaming about the possibilities each one held. But time after time, we lost each one (this was prior to our house selling and it was a condition for us to buy the land). Finally, we stumbled upon a picturesque piece of land that took our breath away. Nestled in the rolling hills, it offered panoramic views of nature in all its glory.

There were a LOT of questions about the land on Instagram so I figured it may be best just to answer them all here in an easy Q&A.

How many acres is the land?

The land is 58.94 acres. It’s a strange little piece because the main road actually goes through it and we have a small sliver of the ditch on the other side but that’s not a big deal to us.

What RM are you in and are you still close to the city?

We won’t say exactly were the land is but it is in the RM of Corman Park and a short distance to the city!

I imagine It’s overwhelming and a little scary starting from scratch, but what excites you the most? Are you sad to leave your current home

You nailed this on the head! I am absolutely overwhelmed and scared about this! I have always been a city girl so moving out to the country is a big change for me. I am most excited to start fresh and finally build our dream home and see our kids explore the land.
As for our current home, some days it hits me that I am leaving behind all my hard work and other days I am happy that his house gets to be a home for someone else to make memories in. I am sure once we move out, I will have a few days of emotions but until then, we are enjoying it while we can.

Do you know the neighbours?

We don’t as of yet but we hope they are as wonderful as our current neighbours are! We have any incredible and tight-knit neighbourhood so it’ll be different having less!

Are you doing most of the work yourself?

If you had asked me this a few years ago, the answer would have been “I would love to build our dream home from the ground up with our own two hands” BUT the rules/laws have changed as to who can build. We are going to be going through a home builder, On The Mark Homes, for a majority of the build till about lock-up or drywall/paint/trim stage and then taking over. We will then take over and do a combo of the work ourselves and hire some professionals. We will DEFINITELY have projects coming but our main goal is to ensure we have the main build done and the house livable before winter hits again.

Are you going to take us along for the design process? Do you have a house design?

Absolutely! My kids are full time school so I am more flexible as to what I can do and show. Once we get started on the land, I will be hoping to do daily updates. I also want to get YOU involved in the build so watch my Instagram stories for future polls! We currently do not have a house design (did I mention this is complete chaos?)

Where are you going to live while building?

THAT’S THE EXCITING PART! That’s sarcasm ha! We are going to be living in our camper!! In all seriousness, we hope to build a heated shop (Pole Shed) quickly in the next two months before we need to be out December 1st. Once that build begins, I will show you that process!

Did you need building plans or contractor quotes before buying the land?

We did not. We are basically using our home as equity and extending our line of credit until the sale of our house it final (Dec 1st).

What are you planning on doing with that much land?

Brock would love to have cattle and a small farm. He is also excited because he will be able to hunt on the back part of our land during hunting season (which I am okay with because it means he won’t be gone for a week hunting!). We will build out dream home, a large shop as well as a few other fun projects I am sure.

Are you moving far from your current home and will the kids go to the same school?

Our land is exactly opposite ends of the city and we actually moved the kids in the fall with the knowledge that we were looking for land nearby so they didn’t need to switch later.

Buckle up, this is going to be one wild journey! I can’t wait to bring you along as we learn and build and grow as a family!


jenna xoxo

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  1. Wow, what an exciting journey!! I can’t wait to follow along. I felt myself getting more and more excited to see the whole process top to bottom. Congrats ?

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